NBF Nihon Buyo Foundation


What does the Foundation do?
The primary purpose is to promote Nihon Buyo, Japanese traditional art. It gives stage performances of classical works as well as original pieces. Additionally, it provides overseas performances, and Nihon Buyo appreciation courses for children.
Does the membership require any qualification?
No. Anyone who approves of the purpose of NBF is eligible.
Who, for instance, are members?
There is a wide variety of members ranging from corporations and traditional arts circles to individuals including Nihon Buyo artists.
Can we make a request that they perform for us?
Certainly. We make proposals on request. Nihon Buyo appreciation courses for school children are held at different places in Japan annually. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have inquiries.
Can you give us information about what programs are on at the moment?
We can introduce you to not only the programs of NBF but also other programs presented at National Theater.
I want to learn Nihon Buyo.
We run a workshop for people to experience Nihon Buyo, though it is for a specific program and on an irregular basis. We can also introduce individuals who want to learn Nihon Buyo an instructor who will suit their requirements regarding location and school.
Can you dispatch an instructor for our comprehensive course at school?
Yes. Specially trained instructors are available for the work. In those courses, school children can appreciate experiencing Nihon Buyo using fans and other properties.
Can you include live commentary in the performance?
Yes. It will provide you with an enjoyable, easy-to-understand description during the performance. It is possible even for performances given in a smaller venue.。