NBF Nihon Buyo Foundation

About Us

Dear Sir/Madam:

Nihon Buyo is a Japanese performing art featuring the valuable elements of Japanese traditional culture such as beauty, wabi (taste for the simple and quiet), space and shade. Nihon Buyo Foundation was founded in cooperation with many people concerned in March 1990, to promote the activities of this exquisite art form both nationally and internationally going beyond the differences of schools of Nihon Buyo.

The Foundation provides a variety of programs to promote Nihon Buyo; through providing children with opportunities to experience this Japanese traditional dance, giving performances abroad, speeches by experts, and providing non-Japanese people with lectures and demonstrations. In addition, the Foundation strives hard to expand the Nihon Buyo network, encourage people to become more familiar with Nihon Buyo, and make the contents of this art more attractive to people. In today’s society, increasing efficiency tends to be prioritized. I believe, however, that we should not lose the spirit based on the Japanese traditional culture. Japan, tradition, and the world form three principal elements of our research and activities.

We request the honor of your kind understanding and continuing support for the activities of Nihon Buyo Foundation.

Chairman of NBF 西川扇蔵 Senzo Nishikawa