NBF Nihon Buyo Foundation


■Purpose of Its Activities

The foundation promotes the research of classical works and performances. It promotes the dissemination and development of NIHON BUYO as a notional art within Japan as well as internationally through the education of youth groups and by international exchange. It eventually seeks to contribute to the development and advancement of Japanese culture.

■Content of Activities

The foundation carries out the following activities to fulfill its purposes as mentioned previously.

  1. revives and compose classical pieces of NIHON BUYO
  2. trains newcomers
  3. promotes NIHON BUYO among youth groups
  4. promotes overseas performances of NIHON BUYO
  5. promotes an international exchange of dance
  6. educates and promotes NIHON BUYO to non-Japanese living in Japan
  7. publishes newsletters and books on NIHON BUYO
  8. is involved with other necessary activities to achieve its goals

Time of Establishment March 12, 1990


  • Creation and performance of new NIHON BUYO pieces
  • NIHON BUYO performances abroad
  • Participation in an Art Festival sponsored by the Cultural Agency
  • *Lectures and demonstrations for foreigners living in Japan
  • *Classes to teach Shimai (dance part of Noh) and Kyogen
  • *Speeches by experts
  • *Invitation to primary school children to see NIHON BUYO preformances
  • *Classes to teach NIHON BUYO for kindergarten children

(* annual events)